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The Best Way To Replace A Shingle Roof

September 3, 2014

If you need to replace a shingle roof the instructions below could make your work easier.

Remember, that working on a roof is dangerous. Take every safety measure essential to protect yourself. If you’re working near power lines or television antennas be careful not to refer to them as with any metal tool. If you possibly could, avoid replacing the cover, in wet or cold temperature. Heavy metal roofing photos rubber-soled boots with good treads are ideal in order to avoid slips. Keep all shingles and tools inside an easy reach and secure enough to be place on top. Shingles come in squares. Measure the width and length of the roof. Multiply the width times the gap to get the total sq . ft . of shingles you may need. You may need galvanized roofing nails. Pick a qualified type of shingles to your requirements. The type and grade of shingle will be the primary decisions to your roof. Remove the old roofing before replacing using the new shingles. Repair any structural problems or loose nails. Apply asphalt roofing cement to the back of the newest shingle. Placed the shingle and nail it for the roofing structure. For extra leak protection you are able to apply some roofing cement towards the head with the nail. With these guidelines you are able to replace a shingle roof safely and simply.

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